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Specials Thanks
Special Thanks to Kenris who made it possible to get this website up and running within an hour of start time of making this website,Realistx for taking the long hours of sitting there to write out all the rules, informations on time of events and the point systems, Nordin for taking his little taru butt out to Windurst and Jeuno to take screenshots for our dynamis pages,Kachi for her hard work on the original Veritas site which allowed us to have a basic template for this one.  I hope everyone likes it and use it to the fullest advantage. We have taken the time to add loot list to all the bosses that we will be aiming to kill. There is also links to FFXIah, Wiki, and for all those crafters out there a crafting timer.

P.S. I almost forgot.... Darkchildv...... Thank you for sitting there, looking cute and adorable while you send Realistx into battle to get merk ^_^.
Welcome to Veritas

We hope to make this a very warm family setting but at the same time we aim to be very successful. Midgarsormr has brought some very good Linkshells with it and unfortunately Quetzalcoatl has lost several of our big time event shells. Veritas aims to be the next big thing in the endgame scene but we are hopefully different then the rest as we aim to combine fun with success. Players joining us will hopefully understand how committed we are to helping each other and progressing through content as a team. We hope above all that you enjoy your time with us and have fun. 

Team Veritas  Darkchildv Cherriepie Realistx
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We are currently recruiting all jobs. You can apply through the forum at the top of the page. You will be asked a series of easy questions. If you were recruited in game, please leave these fields blank. You will not receive a confirmation e-mail, so please check back frequently.
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